Case Studies

1. Weight lost and more motivated

My client was very stressed at work, not exercising and eating comfort food to combat feeling down. She has done amazingly and now follows a healthy portion controlled diet, deals better with stress at work through exercise and having dropped several dress sizes never fails to have a smile on her face. A long way from the person I first met two years ago.

2. Young tennis player with Medial subluxation of the kneecap

When I first started training my client she was told to give up playing tennis and grow out of her knee pain. After a few months she was playing without having to tape her knee anymore. Three years on she is at the top of her game and quickly becoming a star… Watch this space.

3. Prolapsed disc

When my client came to me she wanted to lose weight for her wedding but was restricted by her prolapsed disc causing her a lot of discomfort. After previously spending thousands of pounds on various therapies and investigations to no avail, several months after starting training, a recent MRI scan has shown that the disc is retreating from the spinal cord. Exercise and specific training means she now experiences greatly reduced pain to the lower back and leg. We are on track for the wedding but so pleased she is experiencing a more comfortable life.

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