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About You

If any of these sound familiar then you need to get in touch today, to come along for your free trial sessions and talk to us about your fitness goals.

New to exercise

You are new to personal training - you have been to the gym and tried a few classes but you just aren't getting results. Need guidance and help with what to do and when to do it. Nutritional guidance and goals setting.

fitness training

You have tried a personal trainer in the past and just not received the motivation and support you expected. You're not sure anyone else will be any different but you need the extra guidance and support.

cheltenham personal trainer

Maybe you've been injured or have developed niggles and lack of movement or aches and pains. Need correction and functional core stability.

cheltenham personal trainer

You are fit already and enjoy fitness but want a challenge, to train for an event or achieve a fitness goal.

As a personal trainer, Neil Jones is both highly motivated and motivating. The client soon realises that his goal is to create a fitness programme that boosts health, body-awareness and self-belief. With humour and exceptional people-skills, Neil has taken an athletics-phobic individual, made her face her fear of running, and has inspired her to see the value in viewing her Reeboks as more than a fashion-accessory...

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